Control your music.

Getting high-performance sound has never been easier. Give yourself the sound that is just right for you.



Nowadays, we see more and more companies offering instant online mastering services. A robot applies a treatment to your music and you have no control over the result. That's all I don't want.

To know you and understand your music.

I'm not considering the possibility of making music without communicating with you. I would like to know your musical tastes, your references, your artistic objectives and your expectations of results.

Available and at your disposal.

I would like to be available every day by email so that you can quickly ask me for corrections.

Technical skills at the service of musicality.

I think that audio technology should always be at the service of creativity, and should make it possible to highlight an artistic intention.

Pay when you are satisfied.

I also don't consider the possibility of you paying until the result is perfect for you.


How does it work ?

Send us your stems or stereo files via WeTransfer's secure servers.

Let's discuss by email and analyze your needs, objectives and references. Let's just talk about music.

I will send you within two days (depending on the size of your project) an sample of the first version.

I will make all the necessary corrections to satisfy you. No limit on the number of versions.

I will deliver your complete files after receiving your secure PayPal payment.


My background


1st accessit to the international music and drama competition of the Leopold Bellan Foundation.

Diploma of Musical Studies (DEM).

National Superior Professional Musician Diploma (DNSPM).

State Diploma of Music Teacher (DE).

University degree in specialized musical practice.

Diploma in Music Production and Sound Techniques at Abbey Road Institute Paris.