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Why Geometry-based synthesis will help you design sounds.

The complex doesn't have to be complicated. The hard can feel easy.

These are the words of the three creators of "Wave Casual" who released their first project called "Nylon", a geometry-based Synthesizer. This synthesizer was created with the aim of making sound design more accessible, more sensitive and instinctive. So that music producers can sculpt sounds without intellectualizing as could be the case with highly complex and technical synthesizers.

What is a geometric oscillator?

The geometric aspect is apparent both in the user interface and in the sound generation mechanism. Indeed, each oscillator is based on vector paths (usually used in graphic design). In this way, the two oscillators can be morphed into each other. As you change the shape of the interface, the sound is recalculated and modified. This non-linear transformation results in beautiful properties such as the fact that the sharp edges in the shape essentially produce discontinuities in the waveform, giving a sound result rich in overtones.

As you will have understood, the process of Nylon can be much more difficult to understand than to use. And that's precisely why the interface has been designed to make its use transparent and as simple as a children's game.

What awaits you in Nylon?

All this sound richness of which we spoke above, occurs even before having applied filters, effects and other modulators.

There are two analog modeled filters, each with a drive. With regard to the effects we have a delay, a distorsion and a chorus. Six freely assignable modulators (LFO & ADSR) with an intuitive drag & drop assignment. And finally you can share your craziest presets online!

Obviously I will not make you the complete list of all the features present in Nylon. For that I leave you the care to try the synthesizer through the demo version that you can find directly on the Wave Casual website.

To conclude I would like to thank the creators of Nylon for answering all my questions during the whole afternoon. I hope you will appreciate my words on your new and first project for which I would like to congratulate you.

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